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The UFO comes standard with a canvas spray shield, 3 handles and a brass drain plug. Towable Model is optional.

Add towable hull - Add $400.00



Length: 10ft 2"
Width: 5ft 2"
Total Height: 13.5"
Height above water: 8.75"
Weight: 125lbs

Cockpit Dimensions
48" long
30" wide​

The UFO Layout Boat

Our best selling boat, The UFO layout boat. The box of the UFO is built to allow for more shoulder room without sacrificing the ability of the layout boat to float correctly. The boats are hand laid fiberglass with 2 stainless steel anchor rings under the bow and one plastic mooring cleat on the top of the stern for the guide anchor and  also has an optional removable drain plug we can install bottom side of the coffin for easy draining of water when the boat is removed from the water.  Lastly the UFO layout boat can be fitted with 3 optional safety handles (highly recommended) both on the bow and stern and comes standard with your choice of clear or canvas adjustable spray shield to keep unwanted water from entering the cockpit area. Safety is our main concern reading and seeing the stories of hunters squeezing into a 1 man boat built for 1 person with capacity rating of less than that of the hunter and his gear! 

This is not our idea of SAFETY!

 We may not be the first to produce an all fiberglass layout boat however we build the best 1 man layout boat on the market. Over a decade building layout boats under our belt and thousands of happy customers. The UFO is the lightest, strongest, and most affordable layout boat in its specific class. One look at the UFO and you too will agree there isn't a better built boat on the market. The detail of the UFO is second to none. We pride ourselves in providing you with a finely finished product. The UFO layout boat is an ORIGINAL design in which took almost 2 years to perfect.  The UFO layout boat will accommodate most any hunter in any situation from the open waters of Lake Erie to the rice fields of Texas.

The UFO layout boat Just got better. for the 2016 season we have completely retooled the UFO deck mold and created a gun rest down the bow. This works both for left hand and right handed shooters and does not interfere with the cockpit room by laying sideways. Check our facebook page out for many photos and more info.  We have also changed our old style headrests to a custom molded foam pad that is just amazingly comfortable and easily replaced if ever needed.  we will also be implementing a 3/4 spray shield that leaves the front open for a better view of incoming birds allowing the hunter to stay low in the boat. And the best part. NO price increases for 2016.

NEW FOR 2017.

The UFO has undergone some changes. First we have changed the color of all our layout boats to a more nuetral Grey color. Fied tested in 2016 with High Reviews. Second we have added a gun rest down the middle and converted to a 3/4 spray shield to allow a much better field of view. We believe these changes have only made the UFO an even better choice for serious waterfowlers.