Basic Boat Price:  $3499.99
Basic boat comes with 2 handles on transom, bow cleat and bow eye.

Electronics package*:            $295.00

fiberglass cockpit cover         $375.00

Custom Dodger/Blind:           $400.00

Grass Rails                               $13.50ft
Trailer:                                      $795.00
* Includes:   LED bow and stern lights, switch panel and 2 LED interior lights installed.

​   Please call to order

Broadbill Specifications 
Material: 100% Fiberglass composites
Bottom Style:  Modified V
Centerline Length: 14' 
Width: 62"
Weight: 325 lbs.
Cockpit Size: 76"x34"
Capacity: 2 persons or  375lb
Total Weight Capacity: 600 lbs.
Horsepower Rating: 25hp
Transom Height:17”  

Fully Loaded Draft: 3"
Standard Color: Dull Dead Grass 

The Broad Bill Sneak Boat

Another wonderfully designed sneak boat from the south, The Broadbill is a big water sneak boat that has a nice wide beam for stability and a wonderful hull for getting you up on top the water in a hurry and also getting you into the shallows. The Broadbill is rated for 25hp short shaft motor and will get you there in a hurry.

​The  Broadbill is factory built  with the following  standard features.  A 1 piece separate molded fiberglass liner that was designed to keep the floatation foam out of the middle of the boat. Enough room in the bilge area for a std size 12v battery and a 3 gallon gas tank.   We offer the following options, Spray/Dodger, Grass rails, LED Light Package and trailers and motors as well.   

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