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The Predator Sneak Boat

The Black Jack Sneak Boat is one amazing boat. An original Arthur Armstrong design from North Carolina. The Black jack is designed with speed and stability in mind. The hull is designed to get you top on plan quickly with minimal Horsepower  and glides across the water drafting only 4" of water.  The cockpit is roomy and plenty big for 2 persons. We believe you will agree that the Black Jack would be a great addition to the duck hunter and or the summer fisherman. The Black jack is rated for a 15hp outboard motor and requires a short shaft motor. 

The Black Jack is a 13ft Sneak box and right at home with a gun or a fishing pole inside. The cockpit opening is 34" wide and 76" long. Rated for 2 persons or 365lbs maximum capacity of 575lbs.  The design of the Black Jack allows for all the floatation foam ti be sealed and waterproof. The Black Jack comes standard with Stainless Bow Eye, bow cleat both bow and port and starboard rear and 2 handles on the transom and a brass Drain plug.

Blackjack Specifications

Material: 100% Fiberglass composites
Bottom Style:  Flat Bottom Modified V
Centerline Length: 13' 2"
Width: 58"
Weight: 280 lbs.
Cockpit Size: 76"x34"
Capacity: 2 persons or  365lb
Total Weight Capacity: 575 lbs.
Horsepower Rating: 15hp 
Transom Height: 17”  
Fully Loaded Draft: 3"
Standard Color: Dull Dead Grass 

Basic Boat Price: $3000.00
Basic boat comes with 2 handles on transom, bow cleat.

Electronics package*:                   $295.00
fiberglass cover                             $375.00

1000d cordura spray dodger      $400.00

Grass Rails                                     $13.50ft
Trailer:                                            $795.00

* Includes:  LED bow and stern lights,  switch panel and 2 LED interior lights installed.
** grass rails can be added for additional cost.


The Black Jack Sneak Boat