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Length: 10'
Width: 4'
total Height: 11"
Height above water: 7" 
Weight: 90 LBS.

Cockpit Dimensions
25" wide
 48" long

The MLB Classic Layout Boat

The MLB Classic  layout boat exceeds US coast guard standards and weighs approximately 80-90lbs . If you are searching for a low profile and stealthy layout boat available then the MLB Classic layout boat is just for you. Made specifically  to be extremely low profile and stealthy like all layout boats were built 20+ years ago. This ones a winner and a great boat if your serious about hunting layout style and are a smaller framed hunter.

The MLB Classic layout boat has undergone a few changes over the years. It now is molded in gelcoat color and glued together just like all of our fine layout boats. A totally different look than your use to by the original creators The Mighty Layout Boys.   The MLB Classic layout boat is constructed using only the best in today's composites and you wont find any wood in the construction of these boats. Clearly a winner for many the MLB Classic has been getting the job done now for several decades.

The MLB Classic layout boat was designed and created by Mark Rongers of The Mighty Layout boys LLC.  a long time waterfowler from northern Indiana. MLB Classic models can still be found gunning big waters regularly to this  day. We purchased the molds to these wonderful boats and are happy to have made some much needed changes to the design to bring it up to our standards.


The MLB Classic  layout boat comes standard with a canvas spray shield and 2 handles.
 Price: $1300.00