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Weight: 220 LBS.
Length: 12'  
Width: 82"
Total Height 12.5"
Height above water: 7"

Cockpit Dimensions:
Length: 48"
Width:  48"

Waterfowl Works Legacy 2 man is designed from the original Busick 2 man layout boat with some major changes. We extended the boats length and width and made it 2 inches deeper in the foot area to allow for more comfort and a much higher weight capacity next we added a ramp to the bottom of the boat making it towable in calm waters at slow speeds. We DO NOT recommend towing at HIGH SPEEDS, We then give it a nice comfortable backrest with 2 padded headrests to complete the boat. Production of the Legacy 2 man layout like all our boats is only using the highest grade composite materials available in today's composite world  this gives the Legacy 2 man a huge capacity rating of 670lbs.  To achieve this goal 2400lbs of certified steel was placed into the cockpit of the boat while floating in a test pool and still was not able to make it take on water.  2400lbs think about that.  Thats about the weight of a vintage Volkswagon beetle car.  

The Legacy is the guides choice of layout boats and equally popular in hunting groups across america. Weighing approximately 220lbs makes this boat easily managed by 2 people and even 1 with some practice.  If a 2 man layout boat is what your looking for we believe you will be very happy and comfortable with the Legacy.

​The 2 man Legacy layout boat comes standard with a canvas spray shield , 4 handles and brass drain plug.


The Legacy 2 Man Layout Boat

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