Kalash 1 Man Layout Boat

John Kalash, formerly of Gibraltar, MI. has been building one man and two man design layout boats for close to 50 years. These safe, low profile boats have been gracing the waters of North America and as far away as the country of Turkey for many decades.  John himself is a legend in the waterfowling industry and to most waterfowl hunters in Michigan. The Kalash layout boat is not only one of the original layout boats but many still are found on the waters of Lake Erie and Lake Michigan and beyond do what they were designed to do.

We were fortunate enough to purchase The John  Kalash boat molds plans and name to carry on his legacy in the layout boats he designed and built for so many decades. We are proud to not only consider John a close friend but now the owners of his amazing watercraft's. Through the use of modern materials we are offering this excellent designs to a new generation of waterfowlers. And for those older hunters  who may have cut their teeth in a Kalash layout boat, we are humbled that we are bringing John’s time tested designs to market. We will call the boat the John Kalash Signature series respectively. 

The 1 man kalash is 12 foot long 59 inches wide and weighs in  105lbs. Plenty of extra room inside for large feet and stretching out.  A great boat for those who want to disappear in the waves and e able to be somewhat comfortable as well. This boat along with all of our boats exceeds the US Coast Guard regulations and has been fully tested and certified by the USCG test team in Maryland.

The Kalash 1 man layout boat comes standard with a canvas spray shield, 2 handles and brass drain plug.


Overall Length; 12'5"
Width at Beam; 58"
Height above waterline; 9"
Weight in fiberglass; 105lbs. 

Cockpit Dimensions



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