​      Introducing the Next generation TDB 17 Sea Class.  We use Coosa Bluewater 26 for the transom and Plexus Marine Adhesives to construct your new boat as we will only use the BEST materials available to us. The TDB 17 Sea Class is designed for 3 people and all your gear, the TDB 17 Sea Class draws just 9 inches when fully loaded, the TDB 17 Sea Class allows you to sit at full height position while waiting or motoring, and when the birds arrive, it’s stand up shooting for everyone-at once!  The  blind is constructed from 1000d Cordura blind can be raised or lowered in just about a minute and is designed to stay inplace at all times for extra protection and warmth, particularly while underway. Black marine polymer  grassing rails run down the sides and grassing loops are sewn on the blinds so you can add natural vegetation to  camouflage your TDB to the natural surroundings and make it disappear even more than it already does with is strategically designed and shaped deck and blind.

    In the TDB 17 Sea Class, you’ll enjoy the same remarkable stability that all the TDB line of boats present.  Because all flotation is strategically located in the correct places in the boats, they remain upright, refusing to roll upside down, even if swamped when fully loaded! The TDB 17 Sea Class fully meets or exceed the standards set by the United States of America Coast Guard. 
Your new TDB 17 Sea Class comes standard in your choice of colors Open Water Grey or Dull Dead Grass. We offer an optional camo pattern for both base colors for an addition cost. Also included is full LED navigation lighting, 600 GPH bilge pump, LED interior lights from major marine manufacturing supply companies. And finally to compliment all the electronics is a waterproof switch control panel with 12v power supply. Dual shelving system runs down each side of the cockpit, and provides decoy storage  and anything else you may need.

1000D Cordura blind system

Unique designed 1000D blind system that has proven itself time and time again decade after decade that it simply works. Nothing fancy here a perfectly shaped design that eliminates the box blind and unnatural appearance in the wild. Contours and shapes perfectly to the deck of the TDB 17 Sea Class  to prevent no shadows being cast.  Blind includes 4 blind panels and zippered roof along with motor cover, bottom shelf decoy curtains.  All blind panels exterior  have grassing loops sewn on and a quick attach and removal system on your boat makes this a perfect addition to your new TDB 17 Sea Class.  Price:$1550.00

​Full gelcoat camo pattern and camo blind to match

Custom camo to the hull, deck and liner in a 2 or 3 color gelcoat TDB came pattern Price: $500.00

Special Introductory Boat and Blind Package price  $14,000.00*

Load Rite Model 5 Star SS-5S-172200V  Galvanized Trailer. $1500.00
This package includes 17ft TDB Sea Class and blind in your choice of Open Water Grey or Dull Dead Grass Gelcoat.  
                                                            Please call or email us to place your order. 

* A deposit of 1/3rd is required to start your purchase.  Motors and trailers must be paid for at the time of the order

17 Foot TDB Sea Class Duck Boat

17' TDB Sea Class Specifications:

Length - 17ft
Beam - 72" at chines
Weight - 750 lbs
Maximum HP - 75 tiller
Cockpit opening - 48" x 120"
Fully loaded Draft - 9 inches
Depth inside boat - 27"

17' TDB Sea Class Standard Features:

100% hand laid fiberglass construction
No wood to rot or maintain
Nylon grassing rails 
6 Point floatation 
Navigation lights  and anchor light
LED Interior light
12 volt receptacle
600 GPH bilge pump 
Waterproof electrical panel 
Molded in non skid on bow, transom and cockpit floor
75 HP tiller rating
1550 lb max capacity
5 persons
Locking cockpit cover 

           Price:  $13000.00

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