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The 14 Classic TDB Duck Boat

Developed over 30 years ago, And still being used to this day the TDB duck boats are the best money can buy. The versatile TDB 14 Classic is designed for two people, a dog, and all your gear and draws just 4 inches of water when fully loaded.  Talk about being able to get to where the birds are! This versatile boat is at home in open water, marshes, mudflats, and against rocky shorelines.

In the TDB 14 Classic, you'll enjoy the same remarkable stability that marks the entire TDB line of boats.  Because all flotation is strategically located in the boat, it refuses to roll upside down even if swamped when fully loaded!

​The Building of the 14 foot TDB Classic

The TDB 14 Classic is all hand built using the latest and created resins and fiberglass materials and composite cores. This boat comes with a painted wood motor board for years of use and is merely painted to allow moisture to escape rather than hold water and rot away. As always the construction is wood free and designed to last for many decades of use. 

The 14 foot TDB Classic does not include a electronics package or interior Decoy Curtains.  The base boat package includes locking cover, interior shelves on port and starboard side, Storage compartment in the front bow area and 5 point floatation foam as required by the United States Coast Guard. 

The 14 foot Classic is a hands on build and requires extra time as each interior piece must be made by hand from templates and installed and glassed into place. No worries we use no wood its all laminated core materials for a boat to last a lifetime.

Options for the 14 foot TDB Classic Duck Boat

Electronic package. includes  LED navigation lights, Control panel and 500GPH Bilge pump. Price 395.00

1000d Cordura Blind Package includes 5 piece blind, bow storage cover and motor cover.   Price 1295.00

​Load rite Trailer model to be determined. Price TBD

​Special Package including boat and blind package. Price $9500.00*

Electronics package is not included in special package price.

​Please call or email to Order.

* A deposit of 1/3rd is required to start your boat. Order NOW for the 2014 season. build times will vary.

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TDB 14 Classic Specifications

Length: 14'
Fully Loaded Draft: 4" (Depth of water line)
Beam at Waterline:  5'3" (Max width)
Maximum Horsepower: 15
Weight: 320 lbs.
Cockpit: 36"x84"
Total Capacity: 965 lbs
Depth inside boat: 25”   
Will fit 2 hunters and 1 dog
Planing Hull - modified V
Boat Price: $8500.00