Waterfowl Works LLC.

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 Factory Location
 Waterfowl Works llc
 515 S College St
 500 Weber St
 Piqua, Ohio. 45356

 Mailing address
 Waterfowl Works llc
 30 W Statler Rd
 Piqua, Ohio. 45356



Current Production Times 

as of October 5th, 2017

UFO Layout Boat...................15 Business days

Kalash Layout Boat...............10 Business days

MLB Classic Layout Boat.......10 Business days

2 Man Kalash Layout Boat.....15 Business days

2 Man Legacy Layout Boat.....45 Business days 

Need a quote to ship a Boat?

Below is a shipping cost calculator to help you get an idea of what shipping costs will be. Please add the weight of the boats plus 175lbs for the construction of a wooden crate for your boat. Do not book a shipment without contacting us to verify we have all the details for your shipment correct when obtaining a quote. This calculator is just a means to get an estimated cost. 

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