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 Waterfowl Works llc
 515 S College St
 500 Weber St
 Piqua, Ohio. 45356

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 Waterfowl Works llc
 30 W Statler Rd
 Piqua, Ohio. 45356



The new custom hats are in. We have the Team Waterfowl works hats in white grey and black and the Tools of the Trade in grey and black. Get them while they last. $25.00ea plus shipping.


We will be at the following shows. Point Moulliee  Waterfowl Show in Michigan Sept 17th and 18th. Pymatuning waterfowl festival in Pymatuning, Pa. September 17th and 18th.Tuckerton Decoy Show in Tuckerton NJ September 24th and 25th and Easton Waterfowl Festival in Easton Md. Nov 11th -13th.  We are currently offering FREE delivery to the Easton Waterfowl festival and are working on a 1 to 2 week delivery time on all orders. Call NOW to get your boat for the upcoming season. We guarantee your boat delivered in time for this season. 

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Welcome to Waterfowl Works llc

    Piqua, Ohio  just north of the Crossroads of America is our home.  A company that in just a few years emerged as one of the top duck hunting boat(layout boats) manufacturers in the nation serving customers from all over the world.  With over 26,000 square feet of manufacturing  and warehouse space, Waterfowl Works llc boasts of one of the largest facilities in the duck boat industry. Our production facility allows us the room needed to advance our product line and stock boats. 

      Tony Homer founded Waterfowl Works llc some 15 years ago designing and building the plug and molds for the now very well sought after UFO layout boat.  With one set of hand built molds in a 1 car garage Waterfowl Works llc was born.  From our meager begin we have grown and now own The Mighty Layout Boys molds, The Duck Boat Company, The molds of such historical famous layout boat molds of those boats by Paul Busick and John Kalash that have been seen on the bay horizons now for some 50 years or more.

      Waterfowl Works llc has always sought to stay in the front of the industry by our boat building standards that separate them from their competitors. From its beginnings to today Waterfowl Works llc has been obsessed with “safety and quality". We refuse to be content with the “business standard” in either quality, safety or customer service. This relentless pursuit of quality has resulted in our products, themselves resulting from our way of doing business. These are the Waterfowl Works way.